SF50 Vision Jet G2

311 KTAS/1275 NM/FL 310
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Its Okay To Play Favorites

DOWNLOADS For The Virtual Aircraft Manuals and Official Paint Kit For The Vision Jet in MSFS 2020

We invite you to throw on your Bose A20's and tour the virtual world of MSFS 2020 in an aircraft unlike any other. With a best-in-class panoramic cockpit, state-of-the-art electronics package, and all of the creature comforts one would expect from the world's first single-engine private jet, it's time to experience flight simulation in a whole new way.

Whether you are headed out on that next snowboarding trip to Whistler, a golf outing in Scotland, or just a family trip to Disney World, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the massive 270-degree unobstructed view from the flight deck while cruising along at 31,000 feet.

If that's not your thing, you can enjoy all MSFS has to offer as you zip in and out of some of the most amazing small airports in the world. Either way, the SF-50 will be your new favorite.


• Model tested by real world Vision Jet pilots.

• A reworked and optimized navigation suite based off of the Working Title G3000 (included in package).

• Custom V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System) that controls all aspects of aircraft status.

• Bose Active Noise Reduction system that can be activated right from the V.A.M.S.

• Three different seating configurations that match its real-life counter part (Executive, Family and Complete).

• Custom-built Initialization Screen.

• Custom G3000 integrated checklists.

• Dynamic aircraft registration appears on placard, Primary Flight Display, aircraft storage cover, and chocks.

• Radio frequency IDs built into the PFD.

• Engine and Aircraft performance pages.

• Accurate interior/exterior lighting design, including the iconic courtesy lights setup.

• Accurate two-step start procedure synonymous to the Vision Jet.

• Revamped fuel reporting system to mimic the real-life aircraft.

• Selectable ground power unit with custom audio.

• Interactive luggage and loading system with prepopulated weights and trip selections.

• Custom emergency gear deployment system.

• Integrated CAS messages and audio warnings.

Model Details

• Painstakingly optimized for performance

• A multitude of custom sounds recorded on site with professional recording equipment including

  • GPU
  • Rain
  • Wind and cabin noises
  • Drag noises
  • Mechanicals
  • Annunciators and warnings
  • Doors
  • Ground roll
  • Buttons, switches and knobs

• Extremely high quality texturing without killing frame rates

• Supports MSFS visual icing effects and includes enhanced animated de-ice boots.

• Includes three liveries derived from actual Vision Jet paint schemes.

• Detailed interior and exterior textures for ultimate realism.

• Intuitive cockpit camera views for quick cycling through instruments.


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